Lucky Patcher

This tutorial of hack and patch any android game is for the insane game addicts and game lovers .
As we know that most of the games present in the market are paid or most of the games from major providers have limited features in their free versions and you have to download their premium version for getting more features of the game and this process takes high amount of money which everyone could not afford , so these users look for the alternatives and other options in order to download the same game and they land on the malicious website while doing so and sometimes they intentionally download the fake apk's of the app which could affect their device and sometimes their devices got hacked due to this , so i would suggest all of you people who are reading this article that prevent yourself by doing so or their could arise a jeopardic situation which is sometimes is very difficult to counter upon. The only legitimate solution to this problem is the lucky patcher app which not only allows you to hack your favorite android games but it also helps in creating the suitable patch to crack the game up . So today we going to see how can we do that


1. you will need a rooted android device for that
2. lucky patcher application

steps :
1. download and install lucky patcher application

2. find the appliccations which have in app purchases and the apps that you want to hack
how to hack android games and patch any android game using lucky patcher
3. click on the app

4. after that you have to click “open menu of patches”

5. after you click on that option a message will popup then you will have to choose what do you want remove like : remove in app purchases , remove google ads. The moment you click on it a new pop message will show on the screen

6. just click on apply and then wait for some moment

congratulations you have successfully done it

try this by yourself i am sure everything is clear and you will have no problem hacking and patching any of the game any more .

Thanks for reading this article , will come up with lot more soon !
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